3 Reasons to Use Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Instagram, where have you been? As of January 2016, Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users. The photo-sharing app is the most visual of social media networks and perfect for those willing to get a little creative.

Engage with your audience

There are 75 million daily Instagram users, so no doubt some of them are your target audience. 90% of Instagram users are under 35 and so provides the perfect opportunity to target a younger, new audience.

Mobile friendly

Instagram is a primarily mobile only based social media network. Overall internet use is now pretty much equally split between mobile and desktop, but specific social media use is actually more popular through mobile devices.

Instagram taps into the mobile-online community, something that is becoming more and more important.

Visual Advertising

As with Facebook and Twitter, you can now advertise on Instagram. The benefits of advertising on Instagram is that the adverts appear in the same format as the normal feed, giving less chance of the advert being skipped over.

Advertising on Instagram is always image based and so design is key. Think engaging photography or an eye-catching professional design. As Instagram is linked through Facebook, the ads are set up in the same way as Facebook Ads (read more here).

If you’re still unsure which social media sites work best for your business, get in touch.