It’s crazy to think we’re heading into the final quarter of 2017. With so many advancements in SEO and website design this year, we thought we would round up our top 3 website upgrades to complete before 2018.

ONE / Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS with an SSL Certificate

In 2017 browsers have really stepped-up their game in the pursuit to encourage HTTPS only websites. We went into it further back in April but essentially, if you want to rank well and avoid warnings on your website you need to upgrade to HTTPS.

TWO / Upgrade to a Mobile-Friendly Design

If you haven’t upgraded to a mobile-friendly website design already, you’re losing out. It was over 2 years ago now that the term “mobilegeddon” dominated SEO blogs and the sentiment of it still stands. In fact, Google has recently stepped-up the game a little. Google is set to launch their “Mobile-First” indexing soon and it will mean if your website isn’t mobile-friendly or your mobile version isn’t up to scratch, your rankings are at risk.

THREE / Upgrade to the latest version

Something we’ve come across increasingly in recent years are websites that have been left to decay, often the version of their websites are years past the best-before-date and therefore vulnerable. We often give the analogy that websites are like cars, to perform at their best they need to be regularly serviced and looked after. So many times we’ve seen websites be compromised and hacked as a result of a severely out-of-date system. To avoid this, have a website-refresh often to keep all framework and plugins up-to-date.