Exhibition Essentials

Now that Christmas and the January slump are over, exhibition season is well on its way! We design and produce exhibition stands and materials all year round, but there’s definitely an extra uptake around this time of year.

When you’re in a small shell-scheme surrounded by a sea of competing businesses, its easy to feel as though your business is blending in and not getting the attention you deserve. Having eye-catching and thought-provoking materials can make all the difference.

ONE. Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands certainly do not blend in. Their big in size meaning more printable space to grab the attention of passers by. Exhibition stands are built from a pop-up structure with magnetic panels, meaning they fold-down and fit into a handy pull-along case. The case also doubles as a small podium/table, maximizing your promotional space and allowing a surface for your other materials.

TWO. Pop-up Roller Banners

Not as big as an Exhibition Stand, but they can still make quite the impression! Roller banners and exhibitions are made to work together. They roll down to become compact and light to transport, and within 5 seconds you can pop them back up.

THREE. Flyers or Leaflets

Give them something to remember! A flyer or leaflet is a pocket-sized promotional tool that showcases your product or service. Design is key here to ensure its not just forgotten with the rest of their paper haul for the day.

FOUR. Business Cards

You’ve got them over to your stand, had a chat and are feeling good about your prospects, ensure they don’t forget your business with high quality business cards. If you don’t want to be lost in the stack of cards they’ve no doubt accumulated throughout their time mingling, ensure it stands out! With enhancement options such as textured paper, spot gloss, foiling, embossing and letterpress printing, there’s no excuse to be lost in the masses.

FIVE. Point of Sale

Point of sale is something completely bespoke to your business. It’s an additional something to show off your services/products and close the deal. Examples are tent cards, display units and packaging.

SIX. Make it interesting

What’s the point in buying dedicated promotional materials, for them to be lackluster? Design is crucial for ensuring success at exhibitions. First impressions count, and quality branding and design will make the world of difference Full Report.


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