Feather Flag Printing and Design

This year alone, feather flags have grown massively in popularity and if you’re business operates outdoors they are the perfect choice to catch the customer’s eye.

They’re also great for shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs and are often used by popular brands to promote themselves, think “Wall’s Ice Cream” flags when you’re near a beach and you get the idea! Feather flags are also a great choice for music festivals, beer festivals and events that have a vibrant nature. Our feather flags come in sizes from 3 metres up to a staggering 5 metres and they are cost-effective and high impact.

A combination everybody loves to hear! Your design will be on one side of the feather flag with a mirror image showing on the other. They can be easily assembled using click-poles. The flag will come with a ground spike but if a water-filled or tyre base is required then please let us know. If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our team, contact us on 01209 219362 or send us a message.

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