Durable Signs – Indoor and Outdoor

Durable, weatherproof signs are something many businesses in Cornwall will need to consider. The variety of materials we can print our designs onto are perfect for shop signs, safety signs, security signs and wayfinding signs for your business to name but a few. 

We can print full colour onto any thickness of foamex, correx and dibond, with both matte and gloss finishes available. If you’re looking for rounded edges then that’s not a problem either. We can turnaround business quickly and are always available at the end of the phone, so just give call before, during or after any work if you have any queries.

Correx Signage

Correx is a great short-term solution for rigid plastic signage and also comes through as the cheapest option for outdoor signage. Correx is a fluted plastic polypropylene board. We offer our quality prints onto correx weatherproof corrugated plastic for temporary signage, ideal for direction signs, builder’s boards, site boards, security signs, warning signs and for sale signs. They’re easy to attach to posts and fences. Just send us what you want or speak to us and we’ll take it from there. It’s rigid and flexible but not as strong as dibond or foamex, which are both preferred as more long term solutions. Our price includes:

  • Fluted board
  • Weatherproof
  • High resolution colour print
  • Maximum size of 1220 x 2440

Foamex Signage Design and Print

Foamex signs are great rigid sign choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. They are printed with waterproof inks and given an all-weather laminated coating to protect them from harsher conditions. Foamex is available in a wide-range of thicknesses and despite its durability, it is incredibly lightweight and can be attached anywhere easily using a drill, by screwing to a wall or by hanging. Foamex signs can be used indoors as well as outdoors and will last for years.

  • Printed onto rigid board known as Forex, foamex or formalite
  • Weatherproof
  • High resolution full colour print
  • Maximum size in 1 piece is 1220 x 2440

Dibond Signage Design and Print

Dibond signage is a composite aluminium material which means it is sturdy and rigid. It passed the high impact resistance test and it doesn’t rust or crack. Dibond is ideal for; shops, building signs, car parks and property development hoarding and it can be easily attached to posts, walls and cladding.
Dibond signs are great for the outdoors and will withstand many kinds of weather. They also look fantastic indoors and will last for years. It doesn’t rot or swell. You can display it in a number of ways including; drilling, screwing to a wall, hanging or as a sign-solution for places that experience high winds.

If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our team, contact us on 01209 219362 or send us a message.

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