Point of Sale

A point of sale product is a completely tailored service and can change from one client to another. It can range from something really simple like the photo to the left; an A4 design with a price list, to a more bespoke request that may require a uniquely cut shape or something that holds what you’re selling.

A point of sale product is perfect if you want to showcase something new or perhaps regenerate interest in an old favourite. Whatever product or service you choose to push, a well designed and produced point of sale could captivate your audience and give you the result you crave.

Point of sale doesn’t have to be designed around a product you’re selling, it could be a service you provide or something you are promoting at an exhibition or a trade show. Examples of point of sale products include table stands, price lists. display stands and more.

If you’re requiring a point of sale to sell your service then please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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