Recently, here at Cornwall Design and Print we have been “expanding our empire,” so to speak. We’re not quite the Death Star yet, but we do have the bottom floor. We have welcomed two new members of staff, a copywriter and a graphic designer.

We also welcomed a new coffee machine and after taking a bit of a monkeys-to-typewriter approach at first we eventually sat down and enjoyed a lovely cuppa.

Our two new members we’ve welcomed are a graphic designer in Laurie McCall and a junior copywriter and content editor in Lewis Edwards.

We’re working on one major project which we hope to have made significant progress on by September. Copywriting for an ecommerce website is proving to be quite the task due to the sheer volume of products, whilst the designers are working on the imagery and aesthetics from scratch.  This is the first site that we’ll be developing new adaptive browser technology, which enables us to make all our websites mobile and tablet friendly without the need of an app.

Due to having a copywriter on board, we are now happy to offer the service, along with content editing and ongoing management of websites with a strong focus on SEO and helping our clients get the most out of their websites not just through visuals, but wording too. We’ll also be available to develop and manage social network sites, post blogs on your behalf and any other written work can be done, such as newsletters, brochures, leaflets, anything, just call in and ask.

Along with the ongoing projects for our clients we are also working on a new site for ourselves, which will be online soon!

For more news and updates keep checking the blog section of our website.